Eventlocation BonBon // Bonner Str. 155 // 40589 Düsseldorf

The utilisation of one of the most extraordinary locations in Düsseldorf has begun. 0049events has moved in to the hall area in Düsseldorfs south, Holthausen – Bonner Straße 155. Running under the projectname BonBon, our team is currently developing the industrial wasteland, which has been unused for over ten years.

The former perfume factory in Düsseldorfs south, close to the city centre, offers plenty of space for events of any type or scale. We have been developing and operating the whole complex of buildings with over 10.000m² since October 2019. Old production halls and premises from former times ranging from 400m² to 2.500m², provide a variety of options.

The offices in the six-storied office tower, with over 4000m² effective area and view of the river rhine, will be available for creative professionals. Start-ups, small-scale enterprises and project teams can settle here at attractive conditions.

Please direct inquiries to bonbon@0049events or 0211 -3854979 0

Eventlocation BonBon // Bonner Str. 155 // 40589 Düsseldorf